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Lake Erie Beach


Lake Erie Beach

Lake Erie Beach is a small rural land, or a hamlet, in Evans town, Erie County in the state of New York. The small fishing community covers an area of 3.85 square miles. Based on the 2000 U.S. Census, the population of Lake Erie Beach was 4,499. The area\'s main sources of livelihood include fishing and tourism.
Lake Erie beach, referring to the vast and beautiful shorelines of the hamlet, is among the many major attractions of Lake Erie, one of the Great Lakes system in North America. The name Lake Erie was derived from the Native American tribe Erie who inhabited the southern shore of the lake. On a whole, Lake Erie is a popular Midwestern destination spot that sweeps the shorelines of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York, all the way to Toronto in Canada.
Lake Erie suffered a water quality deterioration problem in the 1960\'s and 70\'s, when the lake was plagued by algal blooms due to phosphorus dumping in the waters. Thankfully, the lake was saved by the 1972 Clean Water Act which prompted the reduction of harmful matter into the lake. Today, the waters of Lake Erie is clean enough for various fish species to thrive, and for people to make it a prime recreational spot due to its beautiful shorelines and beaches.
Visitor profiles to Lake Erie Beach include international tourists and locals, mostly New Yorkers from nearby Hamburg, Farnham, Angola and Buffalo cities, and those from Philadelphia, Michigan and Ohio who take advantage of the place\'s proximity for a well-deserved beach holiday.
Aside from the sea and sand, Lake Erie Beach draws many sports enthusiasts with its numerous golf courses, such as the Rose Brook Golf Course, WNY Center for Golf & Recreation, Hillview Golf Course and Granview Golf Course. Bowling alleys and great restaurants that serves delicious dishes fresh from the lake are other reasons to look forward to a Lake Erie Beach trip.

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