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Main Ingredient


Main Ingredient


What is the main ingredient in writing a good novel? How about the main ingredient in a weight loss program? Nearly everybody is dying to know what the main ingredient in making beer is.Let’s not forget what the main ingredient in chocolate cheesecake is. Whatever it is your doing, drinking, or eating, there is that one ingredient which is indispensable. Without the plot, there is no point in writing a novel. Without will power, any weight loss program is futile. Beer is nothing without hops. You can forget about chocolate cheesecake if it does not have chocolate.

On that note, we are happy to welcome you to MainIngredient.com, the website for all you ingredient fanatics out there.

To set your expectations straight, MainIngredient.com is the place for you to share your thoughts on ingredients. Yes, that’s right. This is going to be a submission site. Presently, we have pages like Recipes, Quick Recipes, Popular Ingredients, and Fresh Ingredients. As you can see, the website is limited to foods and beverages. However, it won’t be long until we include other pages. For now, feel free to browse the website to learn where you can contribute.



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