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cold and flu


cold and flu


The cold and flu have got to be the most troubling illnesses that we would have to deal with in our lives. While they are not really fatal, and not necessarily dangerous (though in the past, severe flu has most definitely taken the lives of many people because proper medical practices and remedies have not been devised back then), the cold and flu tend to incapacitate anyone that they infect. No one – and we’re serious about this, no one – is fully immune from having the cold and flu. People use the phrase “cure for the common cold” to refer to a grand dream that may be possible at some point, but is quite difficult to realize given the circumstances. Mind you, cold and flu can in fact be treated, they just can’t be cured in the sense that the symptoms are dealt with. We will always be susceptible to the cold and flu.

As annoying as it may seem, we would have to live with the idea that no matter how healthy we are, or how we live our lives, there will in fact be a few days in our lives wherein we will find ourselves felled by the cold and flu. This is why we have set up this domain – we want you to have the right kind of information when you’re dealing with the cold and flu.

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